Dienstag, 15. März 2005

Dogfighting Joschka
The German Foreign Minsister is in serious Trouble

In the days of street fighting, during the early 70s, no-one would have guessed that the hard-boiled tough guy leading the attacks by the notorious, left-wing gang “Revolutionärer Kampf” on the police in the Hessian city of Frankfurt would one day be the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joschka Fischer. Yet, Fischer has since been able to reinvent himself, writing one of the most remarkable success stories of the Generation of 68. The anarchist rebel became one of Europe’s leading politicians, and the only fair European broker in the Middle East peace process trusted and relied on by both Israelis and Palestinians alike. However, the German opposition is trying to drive the popular Fischer out of office - and this might damage the fragile balance of the European Union on the peace process issue.,...

und nochmal 1000 Wort so weiter. Mein erster englischer Beitrag seit einem Jahr. So fühlt sich der Säbelzahntiger, wenn er eine Nacht durch den teer gelaufen ist. War das hart. Ächz. Jammer.Stöhn.

Aber es war für einen grossen, alten Namen.

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